So you want to become a member?

If you are interested in joining our Squadron, we recommend that you come to one of our functions (monthly meeting, summer cruise, educational opportunity) to meet and greet our members. If you've already done that and you like what you see, click here to download an Application for Membership.  Print out and then complete the application and either mail it to our Commander at the address below or scan it and send as a pdf to

Cmdr Frank C. Brown AP-IN

900 Gatling Pointe Parkway
Smithfield, VA 23430-2308


Your application is given to the Membership Committee, who presents it to the Executive Committee at its' next regularly scheduled meeting. The vote is taken then. Notification is made via phone to the new member.


What does it cost?

The new member costs include the following:

New Member Fee (1 time, initial membership, process application, single or family the same)  -  $20.00


Individual Membership (just one person) - $51.00

District 5 Dues - $7.00

NRPS Squadron Dues - $15.00

Total for single membership, first year - $93.00. Subsequent years, $73.00.

Your initial payment is made to NRPS (Nansemond River Power Squadron) as the squadron is charged by National Headquarters.

In the following years, you membership date is the anniversary date for your dues. You will receive an email or hard copy letter from the headquarters in Raleigh when you dues are due. You can pay them online or submit the paperwork and your check directly to Raleigh. You do not pay your dues to the Squadron Treasurer.


Family Membership (more than one member in the same family).

Family Fee - $76.50

District 5 Dues - $10.50 (1.5 times individual rate)

NRPS Squadron Dues - $15.00 for EACH member

Total for family membership, first year (2 members example) - $137.00. Subsequent years, $117.00.


The same process as noted above will be put in place.


If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact (currently Lt/C Bob Wallace, SN). He'll answer any questions you may have.


For more information regarding United States Power Squadrons, go to

They give information for joining directly to the national organization. We highly recommend visiting the squadron first!!

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