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Safe Boating Class  (for a printable description of this public class, click here.)
Open to the Public
          The time is now to get your boat and yourself ready for the upcoming boating season. The best thing you can do is become knowledgeable of how to boat safely before you take to the water.

America's Boating Course®

Learn to skipper a boat with confidence.  Whether you are a Hunter, Fisherman, Sailor, Skier, or Wake-boarder, this course will help you improve your skills in topic areas that include general information about boats and maintenance, information to make your boating experience safer and more comfortable, tips on being a more courteous boat operator, and laws and regulations to which you must adhere.

Why should you take this course? Follow this link (return to come back) for link to Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries to see the requirements.

See below for specific dates and locations. Cost of the course is $30.

For more information or to register, click here and email to Lt/C Carl Smith SN, SEO.

Date for next ABC class: 19-21 March 2018

ABC3 Safe Boating

General Class Description - Class meets three times. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, 19-21 March 6 to 9 pm. The final test given on Wednesday. You must attend all three classes

General Information
Remember, ALL PWC operators must carry the Safe Boating Education Card and and ALL must have the training if they are operating a boat with a 10 hp or greater engine.
Cost: $30 per person for materials ($25 for materials, $5 for proctored test)  but only one set of materials is needed if multiple family members attend.)
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Boating Classes for Members Only

        The following courses comprise the Advanced Grades series and should be taken in the order listed:
Boat Handling  
Marine Navigation


Advanced Marine Navigation  
Off Shore Navigation  

Celestial Navigation



The following courses are Elective Courses and may be taken in any order:

Cruise Planning

In Planning Stage
Engine Maintenance  
Boating on Rivers, Locks & Lakes LINK TO PowerPoint
Instructor Development  
Marine Electronics  



Skipper Saver

Fire Extinguisher Cert for Inland Nav  

Put education and fun on your calendar.

'Fair Winds and Following Seas'