Port Captain

P/C Art Aikin, N

(757) 482-9080


      Our Port Captain stands ready to provide advice and assistance to members and others making contact. He can recommend mechanics and repair yards as well as medical and dental facilities in this locale. He can also direct boaters and sailors to local restaurants and motels. He has expertise in knowledge of local waters and unmarked hazards to safe navigation. His objective is to provide information, reliable advice, and comradeship and make fellow members feel they are welcome and have a local friend.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q.    Where can I find free local charts?

A.    NOAA now has BookletChart for the Chesapeake Bay on-line and available. Click onto this website:


Q.    Where can I find the prices of fuel for the the Intercoastal Waterway (including our local area?)

A.    Here is a link from the folks at Waterway Guide. Click onto this website:


Q.    Where can I find more about the Fuels Tax Refund for recreational boat users?

A.    VA Dept of Motor Vehicle shows those fuel uses that are eligible at the first link below. The form to be completed is

        available at the second link.




Q.    Is there a USPS boating web site for kids?

A.    There is a relatively new web site featuring Sea Vester at http://www.usps4kids.org/

        There are links to fun and games that re-enforce rules, terminology, techniques and most of all keep you engaged in

        areas that teach safe boating habits.


Q.    Is there a way to learn about changes to local navigation aids and related local navigation information?

A.    This information is published regularly as the Local Notice To Mariners by the US Coast Guard Fifth District. You can

        find this information at



Q.    Where can I learn to tie some basic boating knots?

A.    Working with lines and knots is called Marlinspike Seamanship. A site that demonstrates some knots is located at



Q.    Where can I learn more in general about navigating in US waters?

A.    A good place to start would be the US Coast Guard's Navigation Center. This can be found at



Q.    Where can I learn more about marine radio and the channels that I should be using?

A.    Marine VHF radio information can be found on the FCC web site at



Q.    Where can I learn more about Virginia registration, titling, and boating laws?

A.    This information can be found at



Q.    Where can I find the locations of Virginia's water access ramps?

A.    Virginia's access ramp locations can be found at



Q.    Where can I find the locations of Virginia's Boat Holding Tank Pump-Out Facilities?

A.    For information on the Virginia Dept of Health Marina Program Pump-Out Facilities, go to




'Fair Winds and Following Seas'