Vessel Safety Check Program

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A Vessel Safety Check (VSC) is a courtesy examination of your boat to verify the presence and condition of safety equipment required by State and Federal regulations. The Vessel Examiner is a trained specialist and is a member or the US Power Squadrons or the US Coast Guard Auxiliary. The examiner will also make recommendations and discuss safety issues to encourage safer boating.


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Lt Larry Rountree, AP
VSC Committee Chair



     We finished 2016 with 386 Vessel Safety Checks (VSC). Congratulations to P/C Lilly Stone, JN as she continued as a member of the Century Club (4th year in a row), completing 100 VSCs. Congratulations to Lt/C Frank Brown, AP-IN, who maintained his membership in the club (3rd year in a row) with 187 VSCs. We continued to locate and gain access to facilities that provide many opportunities to ensure boating safety. Thanks to Langley AFB and Sail Time, Virginia Beach. We plan to participate with both the City of Portsmouth, the City of Chesapeake and Gatling Pointe Yacht Club to provide VSCs at public facilities throughout the 2017 boating season. Thanks to P/C Fletcher Beadles AP, who is retiring after this year, for his service. We look forward to adding 1 or 2 new examiners this year.


     For every cruise we take this year, VEs on the trip will bring their materials and we will display a banner letting any at the same marina of an opportunity for a VSC.  If you are interested in having this free service provide you and your boating friends, do not hesitate to contact us. We'll be there!!

2016 Results: Honor role with 363 VSCs done by our 11 VEs (#2 ranking in District 5). Great job.

Getting Ready Check List

Vessel Safety Check Includes

  • Display of registration numbers

  • Valid state registration
  • Personal Flotation Devices (PFD), US Coast Guard approved
  • Visual Distress Signals (Flares) with proper dates
  • Fire Extinguisher preferably mounted
  • Safe Fuel System (Includes proper ventilation for fuel tank and I/O or Inboard Engines)
  • Backfire Flame Control for all I/O or Inboard Engines
  • Sound Producing Device (Horn/Bell) **
  • Navigation Lights (Anchor and Running Lights)
  • Pollution Placard (Vessels 26 feet and longer)
  • MARPOL Trash Placard (Vessels 26 feet and longer)
  • Marine Sanitation Devices (All Vessels with installed heads - MSD's)
  • Navigation Rules (All Vessels 39.4 feet or longer)
  • State and/or Local Requirements
  • Overall Vessel Condition
  • Safe Electrical System (Including battery terminals covered in a battery box or with rubber caps)
This is not a boarding or law enforcement issue. No citations will be given as a result of this encounter. The examiner will supply you with a copy of our evaluation so that you may follow some of the suggestions given. Boats that pass will be able to display our distinctive VSC decal. This does not exempt you from law enforcement boarding, but you can be prepared to make this a positive encounter.


**  Under a recent change, a vessel 12 meters (39.4 ft) to less than 20 meters (65 ft) is no longer required to carry a bell on board. The Coast Guard said: "The bottom-line, a bell is no longer required on a vessel less than 20 meters in length. That of course means a bell is not required for those same vessels for successful completion of a VSC."


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Currently serving as Vessel Examiner (VE) for Nansemond River Power Squadron

Thanks to the following who serve as VEs for the Squadron


Art Aikin, SN

Butch Baxter, P

Drex Bradshaw, AP

Frank Brown, AP

Norman Fisher, AP

Lin Hanberry, AP

Gary Kirts, AP

Larry Rountree, AP


Lilly Stone, JN

Bob Wallace, SN


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